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What's so crazy about a toston?

These aren't just any tostones. You have never seen, never smelled, never enjoyed tostones like this. If you think you have, you're crazy. We have taken a staple in the Latin food world and turned it into a "what if" food. "What if a toston was used as a taco?" We did that. "What if a toston was used as a plate?" We did that.

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We might be crazy, but our
catering isn’t.

We offer customized catering for all events in Miami, Florida. Birthdays? Yup. Corporate? You bet. Do you want 100 Megatons? Easy.

Don’t go bananas looking for a caterer, The Crazy Toston has got you covered.

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12039 Southwest 117th Avenue
Miami, FL


Closed for Thanksgiving 2021